Är du den vi söker?

Clowns Without Borders International, den internationella organisation vi och 14 andra Clowner utan Gränser-organisationer tillhör, söker nu en ny koordinator. Sök senast 21 oktober.


Coordination / Internal Communication ‐ 70% of the activity 
1. Maintain and disseminate databases and information: history of projects, planning of the year, list of contacts and a monthly internal newsletter. 

2. Coordinate relationships between national chapters and CWBI and oversee functioning of CWBI: make sure that every chapter is aware of other chapters and CWBI´s activities and participate in meetings with members of the board. Ensure that all chapters receive, understand and follow protocols and that decisions made by the Board are implemented. Keep track of what needs to be done to keep CWBI running legally and well. 

3. Facilitate the work of the board: Work with the Steering Committee to prepare for Board meetings and the General Assembly.

Clowns Without Borders International 

4. Oversee CWBI Budget: Work with the Treasurer (and working group) to keep track of CWBI budget and follow up on accounting. 

5. Evaluate Fundraising possibilities (in collaboration with the steering committee) for CWBI: research potential grants, prizes, and other funding sources; delegate fundraising responsibilities if needed. 

6. Mentor and be the contact person of a Civic Service Volunteer. 

External Communication ‐ 30% of the activity 
1. Documentation for CWBI: Oversee works on leaflets, presentations, annual report, press kit and videos. 

2. Take care of the network and tools of external communication: inform external partners, f.ex. international organizations about CWBI and CWB chapters’ activities. Keep track of the external communication via social media, f.ex. facebook, and the website. Share incoming external communication with the board and national chapters. 

Please be aware that the Coordinator will work without an office and might travel for international meetings. French and/or Spanish language knowledge is highly appreciated. 

Working Time: 
10 hrs/week 

Approx. € 600 / month - depending on countries and working conditions 

The application deadline is October 21, 2018. Please send your application in English to: 

Who we are 
Clowns Without Borders International (CWBI) is an international, independent, and non‐profit association, without any affiliations to religious or political organizations. CWBI aims to facilitate communication and cooperation between the current 15 national Clowns Without Borders chapters around the world as well as to protect and support the common identity and the quality of the work of existing and future Clowns Without Borders chapters through accountability and governance. The national chapters share a common mission: to offer joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency. These national chapters organize artistic and humanitarian projects in collaboration with local and international partners, working in more than 40 countries per year. Professional artists volunteer their time to perform, lead workshops and share laughter with children and their communities.