We all are children inside our delicate yet strong souls

The clowns went to Cox’s Bazar once more to salute the spirit of the Rohingya community. This time around we had to create a show that emphasised togetherness and sticking together to address the issue of child trafficking in the camp as it has been a big issue. We also worked with the play facilitators and child care workers who run play sessions every day for the children. As we walked through the camp and into the child friendly spaces, there were shouts of “Hello” and “How are you?” coming from rooftops and valleys. The curiosity in the faces of the children and play facilitators, the freedom to be human beings despite the hardships and the triumph of kindness over the hard realities of the communities in the camp gave me the feeling that I was indeed at the right place, at the right time. At the end of the day, the people there are no doubt one of the strongest people on earth, for they certainly know how to be resilient despite all the hardships.

The clown’s way is one where everyone is invited to live. Everyone is encouraged to be full human beings. So where is the meeting point? The clowns know exactly where that centre is. We all are children inside our delicate yet strong souls. As usual we meet within the magic of child spirit, where everyone is free to create, fail and recreate experiences.

Once more its thanks to clowns, and congratulations to the wonderful people of Bangladesh and the Rohingya. Eg Shate, together!

/Nicholas Mamba